About UniteU

UniteU is digital commerce technology for a new generation of opportunity. It is the industry leader at removing the complexity, risk and cost of enterprise eCommerce platforms so companies can focus on initiatives that drive growth across digital, mobile and physical channels. Since 1999 UniteU has been an innovator in on-demand digital commerce and services. We offer a deep eCommerce knowledge, insight and expertise from years of driving growth for hundreds of successful customers.

UniteU places paramount value on the highest standards of operational integrity. The result is native, inherent integration; best-of-class security and scalability; better speed and performance; and a much lower total cost of ownership.


Our focus is:
Operational Integrity
Speed and Agility
Superior Economics    
UniteU Three Pillars of Focus


eCommerce Evolution

The UniteU Commerce™ platform is a smarter, faster digital commerce solution that acts as a single unifying commerce hub, connecting and aggregating disparate data sources, then leveraging that data across all channels and emerging new technologies. It allows companies to respond more rapidly to new opportunities, and provides unified, more engaging shopping experiences in-store and across every mobile and digital touch point, without lengthy and costly IT cycles.

Hybrid Open System
Three segmented levels of control give savvy retailers the flexibility to customize as they need, without compromising security, operational integrity or PCI Compliance.

To our technology is non-stop. We also provide continuous software updates and 24/7 performance monitoring.

Centralized Data Management
Consolidation and centralized control of product information and attributes across all channels.

Express Launch
Built-in capabilities and processes that help retailers quickly launch sites and new functionality, up to 80 percent faster than other providers.

Robust Integrations
With companies’ existing systems, aggregating data from sources such as ERP, point-of-sale and accounting.

Retail API
Allows other retail systems and third parties to leverage data from the UniteU Commerce platform.

A Broad Partner Ecosystem
Elegant integrations with third-party software and providers, that preserve operational prowess and the highest levels of security.